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Fur Fashion


Fashionable Fur Handbags is the Hot New Accessory!

Women and handbags go, well, hand-in-hand, and this year we’re seeing a new trend when it comes to their design. Instead of simpler, darker and more practical looks with muted or neutral tones, purses, handbags, and clutches are covered in fur-whether genuine or faux. This accessory is becoming accessorized with genuine and fake fur, whether short-haired or long, colored fur, fur trim only, and even printed with fur.

It’s a great way to add an elegant touch to your look whether it’s a classic style suited for the office, or vamped up for a night on the town. Most women might leave home without make-up on or their hair fixed (that’s what hats are for!), but rarely do you see a woman without a handbag. Purses range from large to small, with or without straps or handles, and every look and size in between so you can accessorize with whatever you’re wearing.

Need to tone things down for the office? Grab a small purse printed in fur, and no one will be the wiser. If you’re heading out for a full day of shopping and sightseeing, throw a large handbag covered in fur over your shoulder and make a statement! Glam it up for a night on the town with a small fur-trimmed clutch that holds the bare essentials and still adds style.

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Get Fit in Style!

Lacoste Sneaker 1Lacoste Sneaker 3Lacoste Sneaker 2

Every year, you tell yourself the same thing. You’re going to get fit, lose weight, eat better, etc. You start out strong in the beginning, hitting the gym every day, but before you know it you lose steam. Or, you want to keep going but you don’t like the style of clothing or footwear options you come across. Maybe it’s all about your feet hurting because you’re wearing the wrong shoes.

That’s easy to fix! Lacoste offers stylish shoes that will help keep you in shape all year long. Just by wearing the right shoes, you’ll stay motivated to keep up your exercise routine and burn up to 300 calories in just one hour! Another reason to wear comfortable shoes without giving up on style is to maintain foot health.

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause many problems – from bunions to fallen arches and from corns to calluses. Obviously, those aren’t fun to deal with when you’re trying to work out to lose weight or have a healthier body.

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Virtual Fashion Design

Design Your Own Clothes or Own Your Own  Store!

Design Your Own Clothes or Own Your Own Store!

If you love fashion (which we know you do since you’re reading this blog right?), then a visit to an online social networking sited dedicated to fashion is a must-do on your list of new things to try this year. It’s called Fashion Fantasy Game, and it’s an awesome way to show the world you know fashion. You can also have fun chatting with other fashionistas and running your own store.

In this online game, you become the designer or store owner and make revenue with Fashion Buckz. There are many levels to the game, and it’s not only free to join, it’s also free to play. You can make your fashion designing easier by following their “Blah Blah Blog” tips, make new friends in the chat room, and take part in weekly design contests.

The game was developed by Nancy Ganz, fashion industry veteran and successful entrepreneur, who is the creator of HipSlip and the BodySlimmers/Nancy Ganz line. As a player of Fashion Fantasy Game, you can design and sell virtual fashions in a competitive online environment that gives you a taste of what life would be like as a fashion designer or store owner.

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Express Yourself with New Daring Looks!

New Year, New Looks!

New Year, New Looks!

With a new year comes a new perspective, a new way of doing things, and a new set of resolutions. Why not start the year with a daring attitude about your style and express yourself in a bold way? If you’re tired of the same old sweats, jeans, and t-shirts, or you want to wear vampy, sexy looks, let the New Year bring out the new you.

Now’s the time to have the courage to wear a skirt above your knee, a low-cut blouse, a mix and match of patterns, or just change your look completely. Maybe most people know you as the sporty type who only wears jeans, sneakers, and your favorite team shirt, or you’re the girl-next-door type who wears only slacks, flats, and conservative clothing. Dare to be different this year, and rock a whole new look!

We’ll help you find the right looks to bring out the new, “daring” you with a few simple tips.

Go glam!

Ramp up the vamp by changing out those sneakers for sexy high heels, and toss aside those faded blue jeans for a short mini-skirt to make this look work for you. Add a snug tee or sweater, or really go bold with an off-the-shoulder blouse or plunging neckline. Incorporate bold accessories like big bangles, colorful earrings, or a stylish hat and you’ll turn some heads!

Turn down the volume!

Maybe you’ve been the glamour girl for too long and want to take your style in a whole different direction by going sporty or taking on a more classic style. If your friends are used to seeing you covered in accessories, bright colors, funky shoes, and lots of flashy jewelry, make them take a double-take when you change out those bright colors for muted tones, funky shoes for sophisticated pumps, and the flashy jewelry for simple accessories.

Embrace the true You!

Do you wear certain styles because you want to please everyone but yourself? Ask yourself what you really want, and embrace it. If you’ve always worn earthy tones and classic styles like slacks, flats, button down shirts and few accessories but inside you’re a boho chic, then go for it! Dare to be different, so switch out the slacks to a flowing, flowery dress, slip your feet into sandals or moccasins, and mix and match fabrics, colors, and prints.

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Designerstudiostore x DressHead Chiffon White Halter Dress

Designerstudiostore x DressHead Chiffon White Halter Dress / Lace Cutout / Ties at Waist

Let this chiffon dress inspired by designerstudiostore x show off your simple, yet elegant side. The white color is romantic and eye-catching. The boldly placed lace cutout in the front starts at the neckline and ends just above the waist. This large lace panel is sheer with a sweet floral pattern. The romantic aspect of the floral lace counteracts the bold, sexy design of the dress itself. The halter back plunges daring and deeply, allowing you to show off your beautiful shoulders and upper back. With a tie-off at the waist, the dress holds its shape around your curves. The double layered skirt has a sheer layer slightly longer than the base layer, allowing for flowing movement as you walk, while adding interest to the design. Pair with white or tan sandals or heels. Or, get more daring with leather high-heeled boots. This chiffon dress comes in sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

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