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Guys Guide to Fashion: The Right Way to Layer

When there’s a nip in the air, it may be time to rotate out of those short sleeve shirts you love so much and embrace your long-sleeved wardrobe. October can be a weird month, where more than a good slasher flick on Halloween can give you goose bumps. One moment you are fine and the next you are cursing at yourself for not bringing a jacket. Enter the long lost art of layering. Some guys do it right and look great.  Others? Well, they look like they just rolled out of the sack. Here are some easy pointers on how to layer button-up shirts, t-shirts, polos and other clothing with your fall styles.


  •  Pair a pattern, fitted, tee with a solid or semi-solid button up shirt. Try pairing up a tailored shirt with a cool pattern like the Remetee T-Shirt Staredown.
  • Slip on an open neck long-sleeve shirt under your favorite tee. We love the tough Affliction Motors Event Tee.
  • Pull a t-shirt on under your polo and then top it off with a light jacket.


  • Pop your collar over a sweatshirt. Try a long sleeve tee underneath, instead.  Like this stylish knit.
  • Go monochrome by layering the same color. Switch it up.
  • Layer anything under a tank top. We don’t have to show you an alternative way to wear it. Just don’t.  The closest you should get is an Outerwear Vest with a fitted long sleeve underneath.
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Designer Showcase: Minnetonka

Minnetonka isn’t new as a boot brand, but the company’s recent popularity may make it seem new. For more than 60 years, Minnetonka has been creating comfortable and fashionable moccasin-style footwear. Fashion forward companies like Minnetonka and UGG® brought this style to the forefront of the fashion world, stomping runways from London to New York.  Celebs from Kate Moss to Rachel Bilson rock the moccasin boot.

Three Ways to Rock Minnetonka:

1)      The Prairie Girl: Maxi Dress

The Olsen Twins often step out in this effortless look which features a long dress and Minnetonka boots. Feather extensions complete the look.

2)      The Hippie Chick: Mini Skirt

Peace out and pair a flowing shirt with a mini skirt and Minnetonka boots. Top it off with a headband.

3)      The Trendy Chick: Skinny Jeans

Go modern up top and native on the feet for a modern look that delivers both comfort and style.

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Give the Boot to Boring Footwear

Fall is here and that means one thing in terms of footwear. Get out your boots! With the return of the skinny jean, the tops of boots are getting more play than ever. So boring, run-of-the-mill, leather shoes and boots aren’t the only styles you will find out there this season. Versatile boots are what’s hot this fall. This season, boots have fur, studs, tassels, suede and even buttons. They fold down, zip up and get scrunched, some styles do all three!  Boring, be gone!

If you love the native look and like popular UGG® Australia boots, UGG® has some competition with Minnetonka on the rise. Stay tuned next week to learn more about this rising star in the boot world.

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Top It Off with a Hat

Shades, check….

Watch, check…

Jewelry, double and triple check…

Congrats, you are decked out in the right clothing and accessories from head to toe and you are ready to step out. But are you? What’s going on up top? If you are missing a hat, you may be lacking a key piece of your ensemble. Everyone from Kim K to Jay-Z is rocking a hat this fall. Not only is this essential piece of headwear going to keep you warm, some of hat styles have become the hot topic of the moment.

What’s your cap of choice? The right hat says a lot about you. Go with the flow with these easy to wear, adjustable or fitted styles that speak louder than words.

Baseball caps with attitude

If rude shirts are in, hats with attitude are practically entrenched. Hats from Red Monkey are for you if you don’t care if you tell everyone what is on your mind and aren’t afraid to stir up a little controversy.

Our favorite: The anti-anti-Semitic representing – Fuhrer Trucker Hat.

Army hats demand attention

Fitted hats have it together and army hats show straight up style with a tough look we love.

Our favorite: Military OD green realness – A Kurtz Luther Military Hat Cap (Military Green)

Designer caps show head to toe style

Dress out from head to toe in style with a designer hat. These fitted designer hats cap off and complete your look to the tee.

Favorite for Women: A softer look like the UGG® Australia Cable Knit Beanie will complement that fall cool-weather glow you get when the temperature drops.

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Fall Fashion Trends

Wearable trends dominated this year’s fall runway and we love it! Color rules this season. Bright teals, mustard yellows and bright hues that add pop to shirts, pants, jackets, vests and everything in between. Gone are the dull and drab neutrals and monotone black head-to-toe looks that dominated last fall. Faux fur flocked blazers, coats and vests polish off tailored shirt and pants, which adds a touch of class to a casual look. Small but powerful details like lace punctuate outfits in meaningful ways and add excitement to classic designs. One returning trend we saw, and boy were we happy to see it come back, was the military look.  Camouflage-inspired hats, jackets, shirts and pants toughen up softer dresses and pants while the tom boy look holds strong. Trucker hats and military inspired looks combine to create a wardrobe with a sassy attitude.

Bright Colors

Wake up your wardrobe with colorful solids and patterns. While some black is always essential, the beiges and browns of last season are out. Instead, opt for darker versions of your favorites. This quilted vest by Kenneth Cole is a great example on how you can layer up using color.

Blazers, Coats and Vests

Speaking of outerwear, it is in style this fall, with sophisticated layers that stretch elements of your summer wardrobe well into fall and even winter. Even men can rock this vest look without looking like a geek. Check out this tough and sexy number from WT02.

Camouflage and Military Looks

Yes, you read it right, the military look is back. This season, military trends more toward greens and blues versus tans. This echoes the overall theme of using color to make a statement. If you are going to wear the camo-inspired look, start simple by pairing a pair of sleek Hudson jeans with an olive green shirt and a, very cute, military style cap. More serious military looks include military-inspired button up dresses for women or versatile cargo pants for both genders. Pair the cargos with a more fitted shirt and a jacket for a look that will make anyone stand to attention.

Cozy Sweaters

Last, but certainly not least, fall would never be complete without a cozy sweater. Sweaters have gone so far beyond being a bad gift from grandma. The runway was rife with them this season and they artfully mixed the color and the camo trends to create cozy sweaters with a smart look. Sweaters flow more than they used to, many having a cape-like appearance, with wide sleeves and plenty of room to move – perfect for fall when the weather doesn’t warrant a body-hugging style.

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